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How to play.

Dark Age Wars is simple. You have started with a basic city which you need to build various structures in order to expand your Empire. First off, you need to build the most basic Structures which enable you to build others. The first ones you start off with are the Farm for Food, Quarry, which produces Stone, the Mine, which produces Iron and the Lumber Camp for Wood. The latter three are the Resources which are used to build your Structures. You start off with a set amount and so need to use those Resources wisely. In your city you notice your Castle occupies the center spot. Surrounding it are 8 red Flags and on each side are 3 yellow Flags. These are your Construction Slots. Only certain types of Buildings can be constructed in certain Slots. On the Left side you may build a Mine, Quarry or Warehouse. You may if you wish build 2 of either Mines or Quarry. Quarry is recommended if you wish a double resource maker as Stone is generally used the most. Many players find a Warehouse built there to be advantageous which will be discussed later. On the Right side of the city are 3 other Yellow Flags upon which can be built Farm, Lumber Camp or Warehouse. So you can see you are either able to have 2 Farms, 2 Lumber Camps or 2 Warehouses if you chose to put a Warehouse on the Left side. You must have at least 1 Farm, 1 Lumber Camp, 1 Mine and 1 Quarry in order to build the other Structures you need. There are 2 you must have to get started. Barracks and Craft Guild.

You need to upgrade Warehouse, Craft Guild, Farm, Barracks and Wooden Castle to level 6 in order to Upgrade Wooden Castle to Stone Castle.

When you have Upgraded your Castle to Stone, it unlocks 2 more buildings which you need. These are Church and Stable. Stables will allow you to recruit Cavalry Units which are needed to Raid and Loot Rebels for those much needed Resources. So basically the goal when starting is to get Stables built by upgrading the buildings needed. Resources are notoriously difficult to come by and your Resource generators will not be able to keep up with demand until much later. Now, it is recommended that you do not build a Wall or Blacksmith until later as they are not needed just yet. You start the game with 5 days protection in which you cannot be attacked even if you attack others either PvP or NPC. Building these is simply a waste of Resources until later.

Once Stone Castle is built, you will be able to upgrade your Barracks to Garrison, Farm to Large Farm and Craft Guild to Academy which along with Church and Stables need to be upgraded to level 6. When Stables reach Level 3, you can upgrade Warehouse to Large Warehouse which will enable you to Send and Receive Iron, Stone or Wood from other players who have a Large Warehouse or better. Another important thing is in Garrison and above, you have the ability to retrain Troops who have been injured in battle. We'll go into that in more detail later.

When you have upgraded your 6 basic buildings and Castle to level 6, Stone Castle can be upgraded to Large Stone Castle. Now Stables can be upgraded to Large Stables in order recruit stronger units as the Garrison was. Once you have Large Stone Castle you only need to upgrade it, the Stable and Church which becomes Monastery. Now there is a bit of a double whammy coming here. You need to upgrade Large stable to 6 in order to raise Large Warehouse to Market. The Market and Monastery need to raised to level 6 along with Large Stone Castle to Upgrade To Fortress. Once Fortress has been completed, Monastery can be raised to Cathedral. When Cathedral is complete, the Royal Estate may be built. Here is where you you will recruit your Royal Heir with which you can Capture Territories and build another city thus expanding your Empire.


To build 2 Farms allowing the recruitment of more Troops. Construct your Warehouse on the Left side where your Quarry and Mine are.